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Struggling to find the right career move?


we are your one-stop-shop for all your talent hiring and development needs!

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Career Coaching

Assessment and Goal Setting

Resume/CV and Cover Letter Assistance

Interview Preparation

Compensation Negotiation

Skills Development

Networking Strategies

Career Transition Support

Personal Branding

Office Coffee Break

Talent Development 

Recruitment and Hiring Review

Talent Management

HR Strategy and Compliance

Training and Development

Performance Management

Organizational Development

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

HR Technology Solutions

PR Office

Talent Sourcing

Our sourcing services involve the process of identifying, attracting, and engaging potential job candidates for open positions within an organization. These services utilize various methods such as job boards, social media platforms, professional networks, and databases to find qualified individuals.

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What is Keep Way Consulting?

At Keep Way Consulting, we partner with clients to find their purpose, passion, and promises, which helps them build a legacy that will last for generations. We work with clients all across the United States and internationally.

Our main goal is to help each person and company identify their personal, unique brand in hopes of effectively communicating the immense value proposition that each of our customers and companies might be seeking. 


We also desire to make a lasting impact on the community through charitable giving and developing the next generation of leaders.

At the core of what we believe, it has always been about investing in our people first and having faith that with great people, organizations can develop into something much more meaningful than ever imagined. 

We invite you to build your legacy with us and invest in people first!

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Jared Conrad

Kejal helped our company think through and establish how we do our Recruitment Marketing. From how a job post is worded to frequency and specific types of content to post on social media, Kejal provides meaningful insights into how to reach ideal candidates. If you're a company in need of creating or refining your Recruitment Marketing efforts I'd recommend Kejal.


Cincinnati, OH

Dayton, OH

Indianapolis, IN 

Miami, FL





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