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It's time for you to find a better pathway to a brighter future. Let's schedule a time to chat and build a plan together!


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I highly recommend Kejal’s services. He has been very helpful sending me videos and tips for my job interview I have coming up. He seems very knowledgeable and loves to help. He also responds very quickly to my messages. Like I said, I highly recommend him. 

Paige Marshall

Kejal is a highly motivating coach. He provided me with great insights to improvise my resume and my approach towards availing a job. I highly recommend his services. His passion towards career coaching is commendable. If you want a career coach who will help you achieve your dream job, Kejal is the one who you should approach!

Rakshanda Khan

Amanda Brem

Kejal, The Kareer Coach, is an amazing person to know! Not only does he help you career wise, but also spiritually. He is someone who knows their stuff, and will help you in ways you didn’t know you needed help on. Trust him on your search for a new professional career!

From the start of our time together, Kejal has always greeted me with excitement and care. Whenever we have a conversation I know that he sees me as valuable not because of my work or experience, but because of my character attributes and that I am a child of God. As we worked through my non-negotiable elements in a career path, it was helpful to have someone to talk through the details of my past experience and to give me feedback. All of our conversations were meaningful and productive and having a crisp resume and LinkedIn, just helps me to be all the more confident as I put myself out there in the marketplace. I feel much more encouraged and excited to grow and continue my journey having talked to Kejal! I thank the Lord for him as a friend and coach.

I highly recommend Kejal for those in job transition. He is incredibly passionate about what he does and it shows when he's working with you.. He's great with helping create resumes that will grab employers attention, making a more attractive linkedin profile and has a multitude of other advice and tips to help you get that dream job!

Caleb Rogers

Andrew Pauly

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