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What is Keep Way Consulting?

At Keep Way Consulting, we partner with clients to find their purpose, passion, and promises which helps them build a legacy that will last for generations. We work with clients all across the United States and internationally.

Our Main goal is to help each person and company identify their personal, unique brand in hopes of effectively communicating the immense value proposition that each of our customers and companies might be seeking.


We also desire to make a lasting impact on the community through charitable giving and developing the next generation of leaders from all different, race, genders, and background. ​​

At the core of what we believe, it has always been about investing in our people first and having faith that with great people; organizations can develop into something much more meaningful than ever imagined. 

We invite you to build your legacy with us and invest in people first!


- Kejal Shah
   Owner, Keep Way Consulting


Who is Kejal Shah?


Kejal's Values:

  • Love God, Love people.

  • The right opportunity comes to the right person, at the right place, and the right time, to fulfill the greater plan and not our own selfish desires.  

  • Everyone has special gifts and talents that can be used to serve our community.

  • If we stop learning, we stop growing.

  • Kejal grew up in Mason, OH. A suburb of Cincinnati and a central hub of corporate America.​

  • Many colleges caught his attention but ultimately decided on Cedarville University due to its emphasis on academic excellence and pursuit of a wholistic approach to personal and professional development.  

  • Upon graduation, He spent just over a year recruiting for Renewal by Andersen and was able to help recruit over 133 new candidates into RBA within the first 8 months of starting in his role. 

  • While at Northwestern Mutual (one of the strongest fiduciaries in the United States) Kejal was a Director of Campus Recruitment. A total of 23 interns join the company through Kejal’s outreach within Cincinnati. 

  • As his passion to develop relationships with his students and potential candidates grew; Kejal saw an immense need for young professionals to be taught the fundamentals of how to build their own skillset within the marketplace. Hence, Keep Way Consulting is the means to inspire the next and current generation to become leaders within their respective fields of study.

Mission and Vision:
" To Inspire and coach a generation of professional leaders that focus on honoring company ethics with dignity and develop a true servanthood mentality to be passed down for years to come."
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