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What does Hiring, Development, and Retention look like for your team?

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You might be

 experiencing difficulty...

  • Understanding current hiring trends and marketplace shifts

  • Finding your ideal candidate profile 

  • Maximizing use of social networks and marketing 

  • Managing your onboarding processes 

  • Creating a strong talent development process 

  • Reviewing data to make informed decision to retain new hires

Implementing a new ADR Process specific to your team

  • Creating a new Recruitment Marketing Strategy 

  • Creating a new Social Networking Channel  

  • Developing a new career pathway plan for each department 

  • Developing internship and mentorship programs 

  • Understanding hiring and performance metrics 

  • Understanding new hire timeline and culture investment

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Steps to begin working with Keep Way Consulting

  • Schedule a free 45-minute review of current ADR processes

  • Discuss monthly strategy to implement hiring SOP's

  • Send currently employees survey to gain hiring insights 

  • Review hiring strategy and goals monthly  

  • Complete annual review and continued hiring needs 

  • Partner with perferred staffing agency to fill specific hiring


Cincinnati, OH

Dayton, OH

Indianapolis, IN 

Miami, FL





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